My Background

I am 18 Years Old and I have lived in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington my entire life. I am out of the PNW and would love for you to book a session with me sometime soon! I am available all week in the afternoons and I am working on building my portfolio. I am currently taking Photography classes at my college to improve my marketing and editing skills as well! Email me about details and I'll give you a quick discount!

Facebook/Instagram/VSCO at the bottom of every page!

Ask me questions, recommend photogenic places, or contact me to book a session!




How many pictures will we receive?

It usually depends on the session you booked, but I will give at least 40 photos

Do we have to choose the location?

You do not. If you have a specific spot you want your pictures, feel free to let me know. If you don't have any preference I will email you the locations after you book!